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Guidelines in Relation to Products and Services

1. Be aware that the nature of the raw materials and processes involved in the production of pre-cast concrete products are such that they are liable to vary in colour or texture or size or shape or occurance of minor defects. Samples which are provided for the purpose of selection are indicative of the type of goods quoted for and no guarantee of appearance or quality is given or implied. Printed catalogues, specifications, etc., are for general guidance only.

2. Colour For Concrete cannot guarantee that all deliveries will be identical in colour or texture or size or shape or occurrence of minor defects as the properties of pre-cast concrete products are likely to vary as a result of change in raw materials and process variation. It is advisable to inspect the goods prior to offloading from our delivery vehicles as the return of off-loaded goods will incur a collection, re-delivery and re-stocking charges of 30%. A waiting period may then apply.

3. Colour For Concrete shall not be under any liability for loss or damage resulting from advice or representations given in good faith regarding estimates or quantities or regarding time of delivery, the use, performance or suitability of its goods.

4. Colour For Concrete liability for defective goods is strictly limited to free replacement of the goods. In no circumstances whatsoever shall Colour For Concrete be liable in contract or tort to a set-off or otherwise for any consequential or indirect damage or loss howsoever caused. No liability for defects will be accepted if the defect has been caused by the buyer. No complaint regarding appearance, size or shape will be considered after the product has been installed. No claim shall be entertained in respect of general weathering of goods supplied.

5. No representation or warranty is given as to suitability or fitness of the goods for any particular purpose and the buyer shall satisfy itself in this respect and shall be totally responsible, therefore. Buyer expressly acknowledges that for all purposes the ability and expertise of the buyer in the use of the goods in evaluating any description of or information as to the goods is equal to that of Colour For Concrete and the buyer has not relied on the skill and judgement of the seller in selecting the goods for any purposes.

6. Time of delivery shall not be of the essence. Colour For Concrete will make all reasonable efforts to adhere to the agreed delivery programme, if any (subject to satisfactory processing and manufacturing of the goods). Colour For Concrete shall not be liable for any losses, costs, damages or expenses suffered by the buyer or any other person, howsoever arising, whether caused directly or indirectly out of any failure to meet the date of delivery.

7. Buyer will provide safe and unrestricted access to the delivery address on hard roads suitable for heavy vehicles for the purposes of off-loading and undertakes to ensure that there is adequate level stocking area for the purpose. Buyer undertakes to reimburse the seller for any demurrage charges incurred as a result of delays in unloading. Any packaging supplied is intended for delivery to site and off-loading only. It is not designed for onward transportation on or from site and the buyer is responsible for any subsequent movement of goods.

8. No responsibility accepted by CFC for damage to gates, gate piers, walls, manholes, water, sewerage, gas mains, driveways, etc or on approaches to or on site while delivering loads.

9. Hairline fractures in wall panels and concrete. Hairline fractures may occur in steel reinforced wall panels and concrete decking. This does not affect their overall performance and durability. Hairline cracks occur in concrete panels due to weight considerations (health and safety) in their manufacture. To minimise hairline cracks the product would need to be manufactured to a thicker dimension. This would in turn have the adverse effect of making the product too heavy for manual handling, it is not recommended to manufacture concrete products that exceed safe lifting guidelines. The products with these slight defects can be used in the lower sections of walls and as end cuts where applicable in paving. Replacement of products is not necessary and if required may incur a replacement delivery charge. A waiting period may also apply. Also note we cannot guarantee any replacement panel will not have similar defects. There could also be issues with matching the batch colours.

Honour Clause

It is a basic condition of the acceptance of this Tender(v)/ Quotation that it is intended and agreed that the conduct of “Colour for Concrete “ and “ The Barn Store Landscape Design Studio at Ballygarvan Stonecraft Ballinreeshig Ballygarvan Co. Cork and everything done in connection therewith and all arrangements related thereto (whether mentioned in these tender’s , quotations, or educational literature or to be implied) and this Tender(v) and all agreement’s or transaction entered into or payment made by or under it shall not be attended by or give rise to legal relationship, rights duties or consequences whatsoever or be legally enforceable or the subject of litigation, but all such arrangements, agreements and transactions are private and binding in honour only.

Aftercare – Provided all the appropriate installation procedures are adhered to, concrete and stone products should give many years of wear. The main problems that can arise with ground surface laid paving products, is that of accumulation of dirt, mould and algae, specifically due to the nature of our long, wet damp Irish climate. The Irish climate contributes greatly to the discolouration of all outdoor products. The best way to protect against these climatic conditions is by the application of outdoor sealants. Sealants work by providing a protective layer which repels the penetration of the mould and algae. This protective layer also helps the ease of cleaning when washing off the accumulation of these residues in the springtime. Annual application of sealers is highly recommended. Please also note that heavy duty power washing is not advisable as can cause deterioration and decrease the lifespan and colouration of outdoor products.
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