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Advice on using Sealers


1.  Brush off any heavy debris that may have accumulated on your patio or outdoor surface area over the winter months with a coarse brush.

2.  Apply a degreaser or mould/algae remover.  This can either be brushed on with a soft household brush or applied with a sprayer.  Damp weather conditions would be ideal as this will enable the cleaning agent to penetrate deeper as the dampness will create a natural softening process to the stone or concrete surface. We recommend bio-friendly products as you won’t run the risk of contaminating any nearby water courses or wells.

3.  Allow around 30 minutes to 1 hour for the cleaning agent to penetrate the surface.  Then wash off with water applied by a stiff bristle brush while working the brush into the surface.  This will help the cleaner to penetrate deeper.  Hose down and clean off al the residue with running water from a garden hose.

4.  Alternatively, one can use a power washer but be very careful in how you use it.  Too much power pressure can damage the surface of the paving (as in concrete paving) or can cause the surface (as in natural stone paving) to become more porous thereby leading to more susceptibility to mould and algae growth during the winter and also having to apply extra sealer.

5.  When the surface has completely dried off and is relatively free of loose materials or residue from the cleaning process it is now ready to apply the sealer.

6.  The patio sealer can be applied with either a soft household brush; a deep pile long handled 300m wide paint roller or a sprayer.

7.  We recommend the use of bio-friendly and mostly wate4r based patio sealers.  The coverage will vary between approximately 35-45sq m per 5 litre container of sealer.  Coverage is dependent on the porosity of the surface that is being sealed.

8.  When sealing a patio for the first time it will take two coats of sealer.  The first coat will soak into the substrate (paving) and when this has dried off the second coat needs to be applied.  Make sure the surface is fully dried off and is free of moisture.  One does not want to seal in the moisture as this will cause unsightly blemishes to appear.  Good dry weather is important, and the ideal months are between April and September.

Benefits of using Patio Sealer

As most paving products have a certain level of porosity, which increases as they age they will be susceptible to mould and algae growth, as well as, having to deal with general weathering processes and environmental factors.

It is advisable to coat all new installations within the first few weeks (except in winter time), as this will offer protection from these influences, and will make it easier to clean the surface.

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