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Patio Valeting

This is an exclusive service offered by Colour for Concrete

Benefits of Repair & Valeting

Why repair and valet – What benefits will this give me?

Many people have old patios, old driveways, old concrete around their homes and property. Sometimes this can be there to before having purchased or inherited the property. Often times it can be there as a consequence of previously installed workmanship that was of inferior products and inferior workmanship. Because property owners lack of knowledge in how to deal with such situations, they either

a. put up with what they have, or
b. dismantle and remove the existing with new, or
c. believe there is no affordable solution

Putting up with what you have. Are there benefits or consequences of putting up with what you have?

We believe there are no benefits when there are realistic, low cost solutions available.
Most people can make a habit of living with unsightly products and workmanship around their property. Why spend the rest of one’s life walking daily over something unpleasant when there is an affordable alternative.
Dismantling and removal. Reasons to avoid, if possible.

The costs incurred in the removal and placement in landfill.
The disruption/inconvenience to the property owner.
Disruption of unmarked underground services which can be costly.
Costs involved in replacement with new.
Carbon footprint impact.
Most common faults that require solutions

Inferior quality (low strength) paving or concrete.
Sub-base, i.e. inappropriate depth and grade of hard-core, or no hard-core.
Paving base, i.e. in the case of paving slabs, paving slabs inappropriately laid just on sand.
Incorrect falls/levels.
Poor quality grouting.
Insufficient foundations and construction of retaining walls.
Poor drainage provisions.
Uneven surface finishes.
Other common defects include, loose steps, loose capping to walls, loose kerbing, etc.
Is there an affordable solution? Yes there is.

In many cases there is an affordable solution. This requires an onsite evaluation of one of our experts who will be able to advise on possible options that will lead to the most appropriate solution.

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