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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have created this FAQ list to help you quickly navigate this website.  Enjoy 🙂 

Our products are hard, but we’re not! Our website is designed to assist and educate.

  1. Why consider Colour for Concrete for your project?
  2. Are your manufactured products available to the public? 
  3. What range of paving do you have?
  4. What is the average cost of supplying and building a patio?
  5. Have you examples of work and products that I can inspect?
  6. How do your prices compare?
  7. Do you have a design/consultancy service?
  8. What types of building stone do you recommend?
  9. What types of edging/kerbing?
  10. What types of decking?
  11. What types of walling/fencing?
  12. What are the differences and merits of both natural stone paving and hand cast paving?
  13. Can I upgrade my old patio?
  14. Can you assist me with my own self-build project?
  15. Does you have an environmental and social conscience?
  16. Please look at our terms and conditions just to avoid any misunderstandings and issues in connection with product lifespan, etc.
  • Why consider Colour for Concrete for your project?  – Our philosophy over the last 40 years has always been based on seeking positive results.  Supported by a dedicated, friendly team who can offer their knowledge in assisting you in arriving at an appropriate solution for most garden and outdoor landscape construction projects.  
  • Are your manufactured products available to the public?  – Yes, they can be, however, due to seasonal fluctuations and demands, our stock levels can vary and ordering in advance is advisable.
  • What range of paving do you have? – We hand mould and cast an extensive range of paving which includes a variety of finished textures and colour hues.  We have concrete paving, natural stone paving, brick paviours and speciality items, including decorative borders.  Our recommendation to you is to visit our display gardens where you can inspect all our product ranges in situ and avail of the advice and guidance of our experienced design team. 
  • What is the average cost of supplying and building a patio? – This is not a very easy question to answer.  It’s a bit like determining how much your living room is going to cost to decorate based on the price of the flooring material you choose to use.  If it’s just a basic patio with no accessories, such as steps or walls, etc., then you are looking at an average price of €120-€150 per square yard supplied and fitted.  The average price range of patios supplied and installed by competent paving contractors is between €4,000-€10,000.  These could include accessory features like raised flower beds, rotunda inserts, steps, decorative borders, barbeque areas, retaining walls, etc. 
  • Have you examples of work and products that I can inspect? – We strongly recommend you visit our display gardens where you can see at first-hand how many of our products and design ideas are displayed.  With over 40 years of constructing patios and creating landscaped gardens we have a portfolio of many satisfied clients.  However, we do not encourage private viewing of our clients’ gardens.  Many of our private clients have given us permission to use images of completed works and these can be viewed on our website
  • How do your prices compare? – Our prices are based on the quality of products and service we provide.  Discounting or selling cheap (see reference to cheap paving slabs article) has never been part of our philosophy.  To give good products and service a fair monetary value has to be placed on same. 
  • Do you have a design/consultancy service? – Our experienced Design Team offer a wealth of knowledge on the appropriate use of the various products and their applications in garden design.  In certain situations, depending on the scale of the project, we suggest instructing our recommended professional garden designers that offer a full horticultural and scaled design plan service. 
  • What types of building stone do you recommend? 

Natural quarried stone – We can source various styles and colours of building stone sourced from different stone quarries around Ireland.  A visit to our display area is advisable to view as stocks are not always readily available due to seasonal demands and fluctuations.  

Hand cast Reeshig dry stone walling – Our unique range of hand crafted dry stone walling recreated in finest detail for maximum authenticity.  Reeshig walling is a simple, easy to build dry stone walling system for the professional or DIY enthusiast.  Hand crafted from selected stone and designed to create the most natural and realistic DIY dry stone walling.  Choose from a selection of ten different patterns and specially selected natural colours including half blocks, double and single ends.  Reeshig dry stone walling is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. 

“So easy to build with

…instant transformation”

  • What types of edging/kerbing? – We hand cast a diverse range of standard and decorative edgings.  For more detail see our- “Projects gallery”
  • What types of decking? – Definitely, definitely no timber decking!  Why not? – Experience has taught us timber decking is not suitable to our Irish climate as many people have learned to their cost over the past number of years.  We do have a solution for those that would like to have that timber deck look to their patios.  We hand cast a long lasting, durable concrete timber look alternative.  This product is exclusive to Colour for Concrete. 
  • What types of walling/fencing? – When it comes to walling/fencing we have a large selection of moulds that we can choose from.  See products listed below or click on to view.
  • What are the differences and merits of both natural stone paving and hand cast paving?
  • Hand cast paving – is created through the process of combining natural stone and sand aggregates in combination with cement, super plasticisers and sealers, either compacted or vibrated in moulded forms that can replicate the appearance of quarried flagstones.  Hand cast paving and stone products carry many advantages. 
  • Cost
  • Uniformity of size and thickness
  • Reproducible and repairable
  • Easier availability
  • No air or shipping miles
  • Local manufacturing job creation
  • Ease of handling
  • Variety of colour/Vibrant colour hues
  • Softer foot friendly edges and surfaces (safer for younger children)

Hand cast concrete products and concrete has been in existence for over 100 years and has a proven durability and track record.

Natural stone paving – Most of the natural stone paving that is presently sold in Ireland is sourced from either India or China.  The natural stone paving from within Ireland comes primarily from Co Clare as in black/grey Liscannor paving.  Kilkenny limestone, Donegal quartz, Achill quartz, Carberry – unfortunately, the high cost associated through the extraction of these products can often times be cost prohibitive.

Advantages of Natural stone paving

  • Natural as geologically created
  • Very durable – natural stone pavements have been under man’s feet going back into antiquity
  • Can sometimes have natural visible fossil features with
  • Choice of clean cut edges or fettled quarried edges
  • Variety of colour/Vibrant colour hues
  • Each individual paving stone has its own unique characteristics

The main disadvantages both concrete and natural stone exhibit is their ability to handle Irish weathering conditions, especially in relation to our damp climate, which causes both these products to discolour and mould and algae blackening, especially in the winter time.  See our valeting article on sealing patios. We highly recommend using annual or bi-annual cleaning, valeting and sealing.  This will help maintain that fresh and appealing look to your paving.  Also note that when cleaning patios, especially with the concrete paving that you do not use an over powerful pressure washer as this can inhibit the concrete’s resistance to wearing and can lead to surface damage.

  • Can I upgrade my old patio? –   Yes you can.  With our over 40 years of patio construction, we have continuously come across situations where old patios, or improperly installed patios were in need of upgrading.  To solve this problem we offer a patio valeting and upgrading service which can incorporate our newly developed Colour for Concrete staining system.  Every project requires a different solution as the exhibiting characteristics will vary. 
  • Can you assist me with my own self-build project? – Yes we can.  We offer a comprehensive self-build and assist service.  This begins with friendly and helpful advice from our experienced design team.  We believe in our tag line “inspiring ideas, solutions that work”.  For more information on our professional assist service please see our website.
  • Do you have an environmental and social conscience? – Yes it does.  Historically, Ballygarvan Stonecraft began its life within the old family farmyard.  Although some people’s perception of concrete can be quite negative, we at Colour for Concrete like to think that concrete, and in particular, hand-cast concrete, has its place in the modern world that we live in.  Even though we have downsized our production facilities, we continue to benefit from the human input in our manufacturing processes.  The joy and satisfaction obtained from interesting work, we believe to be uplifting to the human spirit.  Down through the years Ballygarvan Stonecraft had been an outlet for healthy, manual summertime work for students and many of those young people have gone on to greater successes in their careers.  On the environmental front, because the original business began on the family farm at Ballinreeshig, we have not forgotten our roots.  Since the early 1990’s, Ballinreeshig Nature Farm has benefited from financial support from the success of Ballygarvan Stonecraft and now Colour for Concrete.  This working relationship has resulted in the planting of over 20,000 native trees, the enhancement of native flora and fauna, preservation of natural habitats and a safe abode for birds and wildlife, as well as native cattle breeds, horses and goats.  Also, because of the biodiversity of plant life on the farm, it has become a source for biodynamic healing herbs and fruits, with regular education workshops and guided nature walks.  
  • Please look at our terms and conditions just to avoid any misunderstandings and issues in connection with product lifespan, etc.  

" Over 40 years of inspiring ideas
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