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Colour Staining – Terms and Conditions


1.  There will be a €100, non refundable booking deposit for all jobs.  This €100 will be deducted from your final payment at the completion of work.

2.  Payment terms are 50% on commencement of preparatory work and 50% on completion.

3.  We undertake to leave your site clean and tidy on completion of work.

4.  All underground pipe work should be highlighted to us prior to work commencing to prevent any unfortunate accidents, i.e. water mains, gas mains, and ESB.  Colour for Concrete Pavement Upgrading Systems accepts no responsibility for any damaged or broken pipes and shall not be held liable for same.

5.  Colour for Concrete Pavement Upgrading Systems or its agents are not liable for accidental damage to structure or fittings while accessing garden/site through house/garage, etc.  All efforts will be made to ensure due diligence and care.

6.  Any alterations, additions or reductions to the proposed work, to be costed and agreed, where possible, beforehand.  Alterations that cannot be quantified beforehand will be costed at a man hour rate of €30 per hour, plus, or minus materials.

7  Please note, the specific nature of the existing project surface, its age and condition will contribute to the final colour hues when combined with the applied colour stains.  Therefore, specific requested colour or colour combinations cannot be guaranteed.

Initially colour stains when first applied can look over vibrant.  However, these tend to tone down within the first 6 months after application as they blend in with general weathering processes.

If the customer can be present during the application of the finished colour(s), alterations to colour shades and hues can be amended to create as close to a desired effect where possible.  Please note also that freshly applied colour(s) will take a minimum of 24 hours to reach their finished colour shade.  Any colour changes or amendments that are requested after finished applications may incur extra charges.  Please note this is at the discretion of the installer.

8.  Maintenance and after care.  We recommend the application of a proprietary sealer once the colours have bedded in.  General cleaning can be carried out with brushing and low pressure power washing only.

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